Cattery of the siberian cats Golden silver cats Siberians kittens
Cattery of the siberians cats Chersi Питомник сибирских кошек Черси Cattery of the siberian cats Chersi
Cattery of the siberian cats
Siberian  tomcat and cats
Siberian kittens
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Welcome to the siberian cats in the cattery Chersi

You can hardly meet a cat that is considered to be ugly but there are such types that are really close to your ideal ones. When you meet a cat that is "yours", you realize that only this animal deserves the most of your attention, only with it you want a pedigree breeding, and namely of this one you will feel much pride at the international exhibitions.

For us this one is "Siberian exquisite". Working hard at different exhibitions, we have got an opportunity to watch a great number of different animals and their temper and nevertheless namely "Siberian" has taken the peculiar place in our hearts. So what such perfect points are there in it?

"They are brave animals devoted to an owner with an independent strong temper, good fearless hunters with a strong body on thick powerful paws with a big downy tail. Long whiskers and eyebrows, enormous collar like a lion has, elegant fur pants on the back paws emphasize the strength of these big, important-looking and attractive animals. Their great ability to contact anyone and their communicability surely help them to get along with any pedigree of dogs as well as any other domestic animal.

This unusual animal is a mysterious gift of nature, containing all its variability and beauty, a cat harmoniously entering our life." These are the words of Tatyana Pavlova, one of the founders of Siberian pedigree.

Now in our cattery "Chersi" there are the Siberian tomcat of black marble color and two Siberians of golden and silver colors.Soon we wait the generation of the kittens . All the animals were brought from Russia, two of them are Angelur surname.

The owner of one of the leading Russian catteries of the Siberians" Angelur" - Angelina Koltsova, a cat specialist with a 10-year experience, The President of the Petrozavodsk club of cats, a really nice person is our moderator and a real friend.

To experience the beauty of Siberians, you should spend not a little time with this animal a nd really try to make friends with it. We succeeded to do it! We wish you to feel all the charms of these cats at your place in future. They are real Cats, Cats from their ear tips to their wonderful downy tail!!!
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February 6 at the International Cat Show in TICA in Paris our boy Chersi Imbir was the best in breed in 4 rings of 6 and received a final TICA. Hooray!
Carrety of the siberian cats  Chersi
Kitten siberian
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